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Book Review - Most Famous Short Film of All Time by Tucker Lieberman

Book Review - Most Famous Short Film of All Time by Tucker Lieberman

Paranormal and literary fiction. A mix I have been searching for a great read under and have found. This is the Most Famous Short Film of All Time, a book by Tucker Lieberman.

This has got to be one of the most dynamic books, both physically and internally, I have read. The book layout is double columned with subtitles, episodes, and pictures with illustrations throughout the entire writing. Dates and short essays on different time frames and details are the culprit to the paranormal devices of ghosts and more.

Different subtitles back and forth add to the specification of what is going on in the book, because let me tell you, it’s complex. In a way, the layers feel like studying a film. Studying the depth of plot, character, and setting within a film within a story of the film.

Weird? No. Crazy and mind boggling? Yes.

Do I recommend this book to any and everyone? Yes. Absolutely.

The amount of underlying themes in this book is astonishing. Between fictional characters diversifying the convolution of humanity is so cool. Between the prejudice of types of people and cultural and social scenarios as well as beliefs under not only these constructs and more, there are so many representations of each within each episode.

The episodes in the story are in the table of contents in the beginning which also correlate to the dates and work as a timeline. I will say, the first page of this story had me gripped on. The narrator relates something to Elvis, which is a bold yet nostalgic and casual way to instantaneously connect with the reader.

On a last note of the physical layout, within the subtitles are sub headings. These headings are brief phrases that tie up each short column in a tight yet loose fit bow to let the reader interpret what just happened without too much of an information overload.

This story has so much to unpack, putting it in a designed book review as such seems almost impossible. I hope this post will help you to pick up this book, and I mean come on, just scroll down and look at this cover! The book is so cool!

I’ll be back soon with more content, make sure to check out and subscribe to Chronicles & Coffee for free!

See you soon,

Olivia Brooks.


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