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Book Review - Project Vortex by Michael Ciccarelli-Walsh

Book Review - Project Vortex by Michael Ciccarelli-Walsh

In this addition of Michael Ciccarelli-Walsh’s writing, Project Vortex is the second installment of The Zoboros series, book one’s review down below. The floating city troubles seem to have died down, but a resolution has only just begun. The Zoboros have appeared in all gaping holes of this world and story, and our main characters Kano and Junior are experiencing it alongside us readers.

Some of these powerful people are after good, most after evil. Enemies have been formed as Kano and Junior defeated and battled to the end in the first novel, but that only means trouble is coming back with double force this time.

From the continuation of character arcs to new scenes of brutal yet star striking actions, this is a book to absorb.

Beginning with a prologue with an establishment of the setting, we get floating cars, Floaters, and characters dealing with the Troopers of the city. Not knowing much more, the story jumps off a cliff and into the first chapter where we instantly set back to reality with Kano, Makoto, and Jaden. A union of characters that are all flawed, all strong in other areas, but work as a realistic dynamic as people in reality do. The humanized, eccentric vibe to this story makes it such a pure and comfortable read.

We jump into the vortex and space, escape pods and viewports with advanced technology and radars. Famora is a place of the past but Junior deals with internal struggles. Scavengers both physically and mentally interrupt his life and he was now known as a fugitive. Junior only deals with more and more troubles as the first act unfolds, but obstacles that pave way to purpose.

New people arise with great powers and levels of expertise in the world in which the author has created. Kano deals with it page by page but is held to a high standard as well. A standard he subconsciously knows about but is not willing to face without his friends.

Endless twists and surprising turns lead way to mazes of obstacles, problems, and resolutions. Resolutions that may lead to better days? OR resolutions that may lead to future installments?

Grab a copy of Project Vortex and interpret that for yourself. Experience the world for yourself. And if you have not read book one, check out the book review below for a gaining sense of what this series seriously is all about and go from there. You will not want to miss out.

For now, also check out Michael’s platform!

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