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Book Review - Strays by Janeen Leese - Taylor

Book Review - Strays by Janeen Leese - Taylor

Hey everyone! Do you need a thrilling read to spice up your reading list for the new year?

If so, you have come to the right place! Today I have a book review on Strays, a novel about werewolves, murder, and secrets. The amount of evidence and detail packed into this story in the frame that it is written is impressive and done with such an efficient rigor.

Officer Right is a character full of personality but a little underlying timidness in his depths. So when his time in the office can not cover the experience needed to solve this murder case, that is when the werewolves come into play.

I had an enjoyment in the sense of how this book felt familiar and I was coexisting with the multiple sides of the character lines. Officer Night has a flaw too, which adds to the complexity of the story. As I talked about in a recent podcast episode, character archetypes are essential to understanding personality and a deeper meaning in a story. So, it made sense that this officer has a coffee habit that could be, just maybe, “bad.” But this fatal flaw adds to him and makes the story have that slight humor to alleviate from any intensity.

Another character I really enjoyed was Lisa, who is a super down to earth yet honest and delicate soul. She adds another layer to the officer and acts like a regulation to him in the best way possible.

A character dynamic that was not necessarily main plot driven or is Blair and Theo, two who go through some ins and outs together. I can’t spoil, nor do I want to, but there are so many characters in different experiences and backgrounds that are constantly introduced through act two. But this is done efficiently and effectively. Never did I think there were too many characters or too many subplots.

I hope you enjoyed this review. The Strays was such a good book, and I am so thankful that author Janeen sent me this book. The cover art is beautiful as well, and the book length makes it a breeze.

Check out more book reviews to come soon, as well as my podcast and youtube to see and hear more chats about books!

See you soon,

Olivia Brooks.


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