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Book Review - The Caretaker by David Badurina

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Book Review - The Caretaker by David Badurina

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the blog. Today I have a book to present to you all that is by such a splendid author. You may or may not have seen me already post this book on other platforms, including YouTube and Instagram, as well as Twitter, but this is David Badurina’s The Caretaker.

Here we have an author that works multitudes and has such a passion for the creative field. I am more than excited to share soon to come collaborations and for everyone to learn a bit more into the works and depths behind this writing!

The Caretaker is a novel about our protagonist, the Caretaker, William St. Denis. He has been chosen by Death for his influence on the world. The writing of creating death as more than a concept, but rather humanizing and constructing it into a being was such an intellectual and intriguing twist on practical matters in life.

Death, defined as a her in this story could definitely be seen as an antagonist, but also a mentor and explorer in how complex the ideology became.

But while we are in the realm of Death’s appearance vicariously through William, the author does such a fantastic job in separating with distinct personalities how William acts on the turn of this, in a way, alter-ego.

William’s purpose is so insightful that it almost seems as if he knows he is serving a larger audience, us as readers. His encounters with purpose, life, death, love, and so many more sacred conceptualizations that humanity takes for granted is revitalized here in its sacred position that it deserves to be.

As I did not want to bring up other structural reviews in this post because I don’t want to take away from the humanization and dehumanization applications Badurina executes, I do just want to say that the sensory detail is top tier.

Having sensory detail that aids to the visualization aspect of reading is such a big thing for me as a reader and writer. Alongside the concepts and ideas that the author subjectively forms, this detail comes in at just the right time throughout every act.

I recommend this book to anyone in need of a new twist to fiction. You will find new arrays to your perception of thinking, but done so in a subconscious way that closing the last page is like sucking in air on a roller coaster after realizing you had stopped your breath short.

Please check out this book!

See you soon!

Olivia Brooks

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Nick Oliveri
Nick Oliveri
Jan 19, 2023

Sounds really creative and magically surreal. Right down my alley

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