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Book Review - What’s Your Number? by L.R. Diaz

Book Review - What’s Your Number? by L.R. Diaz

I am super excited to present to you today a debut release! What’s Your Number is a novel written up in just three months out of pure passion and desire to become an author. Now being released under the banner Fly The World Publishing, this is a story with previous success that is now resurfacing for new readers like you!

What’s Your Number? Gambles on the idea and power of money, the persuasion and addiction of such materialized efforts to gaining the life of your desires and dreams. But along with so comes road bumps and obstacles unlike ever seen before, or in this case, challenges only one would face if they are in the midst of the decision.

This modern psychological thriller works to thrive under pressure, keep the readers on the edge of their seat, and blow away the unique scene of suspenseful trial and error.

What does the “perfect” family look like to you? What does luxury stand for in your life?

In this novel, Luis and his family are all that wrapped in a bow, taking vacations and living a lavish, satisfying lifestyle. But all that seems perfect on the surface can be, and is, the opposite as you peel back the layers. This is a story that indulges in the mist and fog that comes with winning the lottery and just how mentally and emotionally effective such a win can cause.

For better or for worse.

The thematic types in the novel are no short to representing reality, money as material and what the depth of friends and family really mean, how the atmosphere around someone can affect them deeper than consciously known.

We in life strive for success, but success means something different to everyone. In this story Luis comes to uncover such an accusation as his world turns the opposite way than expected when his version of success actually comes to be.

In the midst of fighting these battles, we also see great relationships and character dynamics, such as Luis and his wife. They are humorous yet serious, make jokes about the lottery and gambling yet have very strong heads on their shoulders. This all seems likewise, especially as they win the lottery, until the lottery begins to take them over.

Watching and reading each individual character arc in the umbrella scheme of the story is magnificent. We see knowledge, wisdom, practicality, revelation on life, and the meaning of people over objects come to be in such a smooth yet effective way.

Here is a link to the Amazon front of What’s Your Number:

Alongside so, make sure to follow L.R. Diaz Twitter!

Check out his website for more author information, book updates, background and so much more!

I hope you will stay up to date on this debut and take a chance to read this thrilling story! It is definitely worth your time and will leave you captivated about reality and how the lottery and “successful” living really looks in modern day.

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