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Book Analysis - A Rainforest Adventure: Jasper Amazon Parrot by Sharon C Williams

Book Analysis – Jasper Amazon Parrot by Sharon C Williams

As I have started to review books, I have realized that an author’s writing style balances out with the genre in which they write. This was the first book I have reviewed for a younger age group as such, but the author illustrates this story through words so well. This story is based around parrots, specifically one who grows up and learns the routes of his young life. Jasper, an observant and smart young bird. This book was inspired by the author’s actual Amazon Parrot, which makes it obvious that this book was heartfelt and sincere to the author.

Overall, it was a very fun and easy book to read. The relationship between Jasper and his little brother, Willie, is so sweet and is a great way to expose children and young kids to how sibling relationships should be. The dialogue between the characters was just as normal conversations would be, which made it that much more fun to read since it is with a twisted viewpoint of birds and parrots.

The array of nature described in this story, from the storms to the nest to the trees, makes it so visually easy to see what is going on in each scene. Each bird character is carefully introduced to make sure they do not get confused, and the author sought out them perfectly, not once did I get confused! I find this technique very important!

The swiftness of the storyline and personality-filled characters make this book a breeze to go through, which is a great way. Younger kids and anyone who reads this short and sweet will be completely engaged throughout the whole book. The pictures are fun to pass through and are a good surprise as they pop up on the pages occasionally as you read, and the structure of the book’s body makes it so much clearer to read.

The ending of the book also has some fun surprises for the reader and a description of the author that I thought was so sweet!

I do not like to spoil the action of endings of books, so I will not do that now either. But, if you are looking for a light book to read yourself or out loud to anyone, definitely pick this book up and it will have you smiling the whole time.


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