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Book Analysis – R&R Book Tours – Rising Star by Michele Kwasniewski

I am so excited to announce that this is my first book review for an R&R Book Tour! Enjoy!

“Rising Star” was a great story. From the kind heart of Dani to her mother’s foul actions, there were so many points of character development that every turning page produced new detail. I loved that this was produced in the first-person perspective, the reader can step into the shoes next to Dani and walk alongside through her struggles with family and society.

I overall enjoyed this story because although there were not any surprising twists in the plot, it was not a predictable book. There were scenes that did convey some emotion out of me, I was always kept on edge wanting to read more, even without abrupt turn of events. It is a realistic view of life for someone rising to fame that a lot of people can connect to in different aspects such as the struggling family life, determination for recognition, passion for something, and emotional bonds and friendships.

I appreciate the raw storyline of the struggles that Dani went through because it portrays the real-life situations anyone, even in fame, can go through or does go through to get where they want in life. This relates to the very beginning of the story, where Dani wakes up from a dream. This concept fits perfectly in the story because it right from the start conveys the image that Dani has passions and aspirations for her future of singing and dancing.

Dani’s personality was heartfelt and enticing, I wanted to see her develop more and more, and that is exactly what I got. The character development was beyond great! I also loved her relationship with Greena, that sister bond was something I could relate to when they opened to one another and stood by each other’s sides. Alongside the sibling attributes, it was interesting to see Dani’s perspective on her father’s actions as a result of her mother’s. While the father proposed a much more calm and collected tone, her mother was a polar opposite full of strict and authoritative purpose.

The resilience portrayed by Dani and even her friends and sister are perfectly outlined. All the characters have their flaws, but their strengths are just as easily declared and justified throughout the book.

Another character every reader should keep on their side is Sean. Sean was so involved with Dani and helping her with the internal struggles in her life. He did so in such a classy manner, but such a teenaged realistic way as well. It is so difficult for me to put into words how raw and natural this story flowed, the plot development and setting structure was outstanding. As a reader, the visualization appeal was there the whole time, I felt in the moment with those characters. Whether it was at the studio, her house, school… I always felt like I was standing by Dani’s side.

Getting a reader involved that deeply in a story is the biggest accomplishment I personally feel an author can achieve. Author Michele Kwasniewski achieved it! I rated this novel a 4.5/5 star ratings, very well written and I recommend to anyone looking for a genuine and down to earth read.


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