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Book Analysis – Relatively Normal Secrets by C.W. Allen

Book Analysis – Relatively Normal Secrets by C.W. Allen

Relatively Normal Secrets is a mystery novel revolving around siblings Zed and Tuesday Furst. A very collaborative duo, the two have meetings and talk to each other about everything. They are the perfect dynamic of siblings. The strongest idea that holds their relationship together is the suspicious thoughts about their parents. Both kids believe they are up to no good, they do not know what their father’s job is, and their mother is attached to the hip of their dog. Peculiar at its finest.

This book dives into a real-life of a family and turns it into a fantastical plot twist. Always wondering about their parent’s secretive moves, the business trip that the two of them go on together tips Zed and Tuesday’s suspicions over the edge. Zed has always plotted ideas of what his father does for a living, but the clues defined, and evidence discovered through the quest taken in this book are far more complex than he or his sister ever imagined.

The character development of Zed and Tuesday is fantastic. What starts as immature ideas made up in their house, turns to wide-ranged tracings and schemes. Determined to learn more about the unknown family line, all these correlating factors build up to a wonderful novel.

What soon comes about is that their dog is smarter than the average human and there are weapons and remarkable lands that promote magic. The author has created such an inciteful and intriguing storyline for any age. Using younger children as the protagonists makes the story even better. Through their vulnerability and constant absorption of ideas, it is interesting to watch them grow and develop as if you as a reader knew them from the start.

The structure and division of scenes are perfect and including visuals of lists made by Zed about his parents helps express his talent for observation and makes the story feel that much more real. The lists are both mental and physical, which enhance Zed’s personality as well, proving the maturity level he exceeds for his youthful age.

Overall, this story provided a much more entertaining and edge-of-my-seat feeling than I ever expected. I always go into novels with an open mind, and this one blew me away. Both practical and surprising twists and turns throughout the storyline kept me wanting more, and after the ending concluded the quest, I was sad to let it go.

I definitely recommend this fun and quick read to anyone looking for some fresh air in the reading world.


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