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Book Analysis- Talia: Heir to the Fairy Realm by Joel C. Flanagan-Grannemann

Bastille, a human. Talia, a fairy. Such a good mix of mortality and fantastical creatures that is not seen very often.

Talia is a very well put and thought-out character. Her personality is instantly distinguished by her gut instincts and independency showing, as well as the humble confidence defined within herself.

I loved the simple recognition of the wings of the fairies displaying emotion, such as calm and intimacy, as well as a relaxed mood, almost as if they carried more meaning than aa tail wag from a dog.

Bastile’s openness to Talia from the beginning is charming, which is convenient based on his status. But it is charming in a casual way, the way he speaks to Talia is in a calm and collected way like old friends, but with a sense of flirtation hidden within. It was interesting though to compare the speculations made within the story about humans’ “motives” and deciding as a reader whether Bastile was being genuine or following through with the stereotypes.

Bastile is definitely my favorite character. He defies against the odds of his colleagues and societal norms as a human.

The vulnerability of both fairy and human shown throughout the novel greatly expressed the idea that no matter how different a person can be, emotions and originality go above all.

Talia has a great deal of self-restraint but also says what she wants, proving her strength and dignity as a girl in a man only Crafthouse. She makes it a point that she sees the little details in all conversations and situations, so you are lucky to have her as a friend, and unlucky to see her as a foe.

On the analytical side of the author’s writing style in general, he has a way for forming clear lines of dialogue. There is so much dialogue in this story, and not once is it overlapping as to who is speaking. The dynamics behind the characters create a vivid visual of fairy and human combination, which makes the whole story so much more realistic and fantastical. The interception of girl fairies in combat and learning to fight behind the scenes of meeting with human men just makes me smile, this author knows how to make sure the odds are defied.

Other characters such as Flora and Shatterstaff also stuck out to me. The two are loyal to Talia and only want the best for the fairy society. The overall unfolding of characters throughout the first few chapters of this book help to elucidate which characters to look out for and which to fortress in your soft spot throughout the story.

I have an obsession with fantasy novels, and this one is definitely a read that I recommend to anyone with even the slightest fascination in the fantastical world. This author has a way with words, character, and world development. It is hard to nail all of these aspects, and it is done so here. Read ‘Talia: Heir to the Fairy Realm’ and experience the complexity of the story much more than just described here.

I hope you enjoyed this analysis and are just as intrigued as I was to get your hands on this book, it does not disappoint!

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Joel here.

First of all, thank you Livi for the wonderful review. You got to the heart of my characters.

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This is a very thorough analysis. I can tell you enjoy fantasy stories.

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