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Book Analysis – The Best Laid Plans by Russell Govan

Book Analysis – The Best Laid Plans by Russell Govan

The Best Laid Plans is a story categorized as thriller. And it is just that. This book produced so many plot twists and turns, all while keeping intact the main goals, characters, and themes in a fluent way. The main character, Josh Gray, is a story. His past is so complex, from being a past soldier to current undercover police, Josh has a very organized mind and mature appearance. He is sympathetic for his colleagues, determined in his career, and secretive with his actions.

The author decided to conduct the story in the first-person point of view, which I found well fitted since Josh Gray had so many internal details that were important to the plot. The plot was driven by threatening twists and problematic investigations.

The story hops around from one intense scene to the next, but never do the complex interventions become confusing. From the beginning, where the character Amelia Harris is introduced, to the emotional situation with Vi brought up shortly after, the author has an eye for creating well developed characters without losing track of each’s stories.

While the initial introduction of Amelia Harris illustrates her need for Josh Gray’s assistance, the further complications protrude those first shown personality traits and replace them with her real identity. This turn of events is what happened so many times and kept me on my toes as a reader.

The overall operation that Josh Gray took part in had so many unexpected events and frustrations within the character that relayed into the reader standpoint. I felt as if I was alongside Josh for all his obstacles, accomplishments, and turn of events. That is what truly made this a thriller, the way the author depicted characters through the dialogue and gave insight to others through the protagonist’s thoughts.

The worldwide plot was driven completely by the characters. From Russian standards to British embarks, the political standpoint of this novel was well interpreted and researched. You can tell that this author knows what he is writing about, and that is what separates a book from good and great.

Being an undercover cop made the book more intriguing because getting the inside understanding of how these careers work is interesting. The terror and excitement of working undercover and keeping up with criminal activity is not something commonly spoken upon on the streets, so this book had me enticed through the career path chosen for the main character.

Overall, from beginning to end, from small to big reveals, this book had me stumped and doubled over. I read it so quickly and it kept me up thinking and analyzing. I loved it! I definitely recommend it to anyone interested in a thrilling, action packed, suspenseful novel.


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