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Book Analysis - The Eradication of Humanity by Social Media by Lena Ma

I loved this book. It gives it to you straight up. Social media is a crime, a manipulative competition of people of all ages who feel that fitting in is either life or death. The author intertwines reflective questions within the writing, making you reflect on your own actions and realizing, wow, I am a suspect to this product of society as well.

I appreciated the facts about each social media platform described towards the beginning of the book, which built a foundation as to what the book would be well rounded and perceived on in the way the author wants. This book seemed as though it belonged as a transcript to a Ted Talk, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The intertwining of facts and opinion creates an entertaining balance that kept me wanting more. Small phrases such as “not everything on the Internet is true” has me rethinking social media as a whole, and the author’s viewpoints had me thinking in new perspectives. The use of different sentence lengths and structure help identify what the author wanted to stand out in the writing, such as “nothing is private anymore”. Writing this sentence as a stand-alone portrayed the intensity and superiority of the underlying meaning.

The author’s explanation of social media as a distraction had me pondering the thought that I do not benefit from social media in anyway, and that it truly is just a distraction. I have caught myself meaninglessly scrolling through the apps staring at the toxic screen. This book opened my eyes even more to not wanting to use those useless apps.

Straight to the point this book is, and I appreciate it. Identifying a “lazy person” and pointing out the “current generation” for its flaws is fascinating because you never see anyone have the guts to do so anymore. I categorize myself as a part of the current generation, and not once did I feel offended because of this book. The author weaves through fact and opinion about social media in a prestigious way that is neutral, but not.

The use of the word addiction, which I took upon myself to perceive this word that social media is really a form of a drug, enhances the writing. Speaking on the controversy of internal and external perspectives about situations casted on social media, such as the Britney Spears affair, succors in understanding the complexities that social media has on not only the young mind, but of society as a whole’s mind.

I do not want to reveal any more of the author’s writing or examples within, so definitely read this book to gain the most proper insight as to how social media is affecting today’s society. This book with induce you through curiosity and you will fly through the content it holds with so much ease.

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Russell Govan
Russell Govan
Oct 14, 2021

It sounds like this book plays to a lot of my prejudices. I think I’ll check it out. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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