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Book Review - Avala Spirits of the Mindscapes: Book 3 Ruins by Caleb Teal

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Book Review - Avala Spirits of the Mindscapes: Book 3 Ruins by Caleb Teal

Welcome back to another book review! Today is book three of a series that I have previously posted about! Make sure to go back into my reviews to find them and they are under this post as well! This is Avala, Spirits of the Mindscapes book three! Author Caleb Teal is a fantastic storyteller with great strategy of world building and action packed plots all in an ideal, rather short, word count span.

But I do not digress, so much is conveyed in these words and with such a bearable amount, any fantasy reader would enjoy! Even those who are interested in entering the genre, this is a great and not overwhelming physicality with all of the jam packed setting, character, and style of the genre!

Avala is continuing through challenges and obstacles, along with heart felt moments as well, to become a mindscape! This is the most grueling one yet, with so many turns and whimsical situations that create tension yet engage the reader. The stakes are high in this novel, with Avala on the brink of collapse or salvage to her entire world’s people.

War interweaves its way into the story and powerful characters are introduced. Gut wrenching and stomach lurching scenes make this an edge of the seat story from the front to back page.

Namjila is the antagonist in this novel, a powerful yet secretly likable character. But this is a very divergent and underrated character as well with many ideologies up their sleeve.

The physical structure of this novel is so cool. We are given a recap of the previous story as well as a prologue. The book is then separated into parts, as well as chapters. Easy to say this was a great, fast paced read. There are also some cool, colorful graphic moments within the pages as well.

Each chapter have titles as well, which align with the story really well. As I am writing this, I flipped back to chapter nine specifically, where the simple yet tedious titles of chapters do diligence in understanding where the reader is at in the timeline and understanding.

Further, just after a mention of chapter nine, other characters are rehashed and brought attention to in the story. With no spoilers, it is easy to say that flashbacks and forwards, as well as present dialogue and exposition, is well thought out and creates great foundation for the action scenes,

I hope this was enough for you to give this story a shot! The unique names and personalities of Avala, as well as Sylvia and even Chem, to mention just a few engaging characters, is so inviting. Pick up this series and support author Teal!

See you soon!

Olivia B.


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