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Book Analysis – Avala Spirits of the Mindscapes (Book 2 Death) by Caleb Teal

Book Analysis – Avala Spirits of the Mindscapes (Book 2 Death) by Caleb Teal

As posted previously, I have reviewed book one of this fantastic series already, so if you have not had the chance to check out book one, make sure to go back to that review before reading on.

Caleb Teal is such a great author. He brings a unique approach to fantasy to the table. With a girl protagonist at hand with stakes so high that fatal consequences are distinguished, this book kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. Similar to the first book, Avala is put on a task so complex that it nearly seems impossible to escape death. However, the writing techniques and obvious complexity of the plotting done by the author make this story remarkably possible. Avala is such a strong and driven character, she is an inspiration. For a fantasy character to be an inspiration is a very big role, and that role is done overwhelmingly well in this story. Avala’s goal is to become a spirit of the mindscape, and that is no easy task, but she is willing to risk it all to become one and to be a hero. She is selfless and constantly works at the obstacle on hand.

From the Yajiran Empire’s return to the forces of Death creating such high pressures, this book has nonstop action all well keeping a fluency between the characters and plot that never overwhelmed me as a reader. These are such fun, intriguing, quick-paced reads that anyone who picks up a copy is bound to love it. The form of escapism used in this book by still using the setting on Earth makes the fantastical genre so much more real.

I recommend this book to any fantasy lover, but make sure you read the first one, first! Avala, Alvaj, and Sylvia all have my heart! Want to know who those characters even are, then go purchase a copy!


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