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Book Review - Journey to New Salem (The Witches of Vegas Book 2) by Mark Rosendorf

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Book Review - Journey to New Salem (The Witches of Vegas Book 2) by Mark Rosendorf

As you may be familiar with this title, I am back with a review of book two in The Witches of Vegas series! Book one was absolutely fantastic so I am here to provide book two… and soon enough book three. These reviews will come out close to one another because this series is addicting!

I mean seriously, have you ever heard of a concept as so? Neither have I, and I am so glad I did finally! For a refresher, the witches of vegas hide in the depth of the vegas strip and its shows, their magical vividness intertwining with humans and in ways causing tension, conflict, action, and a whimsical atmosphere.

Book two provided new scapes to the plot that were fresh but did not stray too far from the familiar feel of the first book. The second book in a series, in my opinion, is the make or break to a series. It shows what the reader can expect from the elongated story line and whether or not they should hold on and continue forward.

This book definitely had me wanting more! The magical realism is a subgenre I constantly long for, and this book executes it just so well!

I just love how the story starts in the middle of a show, right in the center of action that means so much to the basis of the story. It is as if the spotlight is on the reader and we are both in the audience of the page of the book and in the actual show in the book!

Isis and Zack are two of our main characters who both provide constant revelation and ambiguous character to the plotline. Magician and witch romance, what more could you want? Zack holds Isis accountable and is there to talk, Isis is a well rounded character with an intentionally big heart.

The combination of witches and vampires never ceases to keep me flipping the page! The evilness of the vampires is grueling, and the timeline from book one to the jump into book two leaves just enough familiar yet suspenseful space.

But internal conflict also arises in this story unlike we readers get to see in book one. Here we endure Isis and her struggles of power and learning how to control herself. It is a story of maturity, self-growth and development all while keeping that majestic aesthetic through both the light and dark times.

If you have not yet picked up book one, do so now! You will not regret jumping into this series and the fantastic journeys the characters endure! The vivid setting only enhances it too, like we are watching a movie! This author has a background of time and time invested into plays and broadway shows, so this book does nothing short of justify that!

Here is the author's website and I hope you will give it a go! Stay tuned for book three’s review very soon!

See you soon,

Olivia B.


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