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Book Review - Shades of Chaos Anthology by The Write Volumes

Book Review – Shades of Chaos by Write Volumes

With my previous review, Shades of Chicago, I have a follow-up review for those interested in the former! This is volume seven in Write Volumes anthologies, and you will not want to miss out! This book was unique and again, the different writing styles throughout kept me reading on and feeling as if I stepped into a completely new room with each story.

This is about life and the chaos it brings and how we as people interpret this chaos. Is life a side piece of chaos? Or is chaos a side factor of life? There are many personal experiences and alibies of the authors on chaos entering their lives and as a reader, I was able to connect and identify with them in some ways. A specific short story, On A Subway, was my favorite. Want to know why? You’ll have to read and see what chaos this author brought to the table and how they interpreted it!

Sensitive yet crucial topics are brought to the surface in this anthology in a way that divides this one from the Shades of Chicago. There are topics such as death, near-death, luck, relationships, children, and so much more brought up for discussion. And all these circle back to the idea of chaos and what chaos presents within these life factors. It can cause future organization and life-altering changes to someone’s life, or it can create a pitfall for all of humanity that is involved.

This anthology is all about perception and gratitude towards what is thrown at you in life. Will you persevere or will you flow down the river along with it? The characters in these stories are easy to connect with and familiarize yourself with, and you will want to hold some of their hands along their journeys. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a break from their own chaotic life. This will take you down a road to a deeper connection and understanding of life and others. You are not alone in the rain of chaos!


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