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Book Review - Worlds, The King’s Pawn by Mike Cahill

Book Review - Worlds, The King’s Pawn by Mike Cahill

Hi everyone! Today’s book review is based on a book from an author I have connected with on Twitter! This is a story with many thematic underlying meanings and issues created into a fantastic novel.

The book does its part in keeping the readers engaged b providing multiple perspectives and points of view throughout. The division of Books into chapters and even the quotes at the beginning of each make this a very interactive and engaging book as a whole as well.

Characters are introduced from the beginning with not too much exposition to make it overwhelming, my personal interest in the Large Master. But all of the characters provide an amazing addition to enhancements in the plotline and the overall arc of them as a whole. The dialogue was impressive in providing personality and efficiency to moving the story forward and helping the reader feel as if they had spawned into the page and witnessed the conversations first hand.

The subheadings within each chapter was a unique twist to introducing and categorizing the storyline, but I personally loved it! It is rare to see so in fiction, but with all of the world building and character development, it was so nice! I felt for Brandon and his trials and errors.

The themes of the story, as mentioned before, are intricately woven between the lines of the novel. Themes of freewill and the purpose of individual and communal existence just to name a few.

I keep referring back to the dialogue, but it was so great! Having a style of fluent dialogue writing is a craft in itself, and the words and languages and tones within Cahill’s writing is great!

The chapters are longer, but again, the subheadings make it a much easier read. The narration as well is like a lending hand, pulling the reader through the story at a steady pace as we reach the inciting incident all the way to the climax. The structure, now that it has been brought up, was unique yet organized! I know these are technical details that I am reviewing, but reviewing a novel without spoilers, especially a complex one like so, is hard! Also, as far as readers may or maynot be concerned, reasons they do not finish a book sometimes is due to these underlying reasons of structure, pace, tone, and style!

And just to reiterate, this author and story has it all!

Please go check out this book, which has been published through Dorrance publishing, and here is a link to make the guide quicker for you to pick up this book!

I hope you enjoyed this review and stay tuned for more!

Olivia B.


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