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A Book To Start Off Your Spooky Season!

Book Review – The Dawning by Ezekiel Kincaid

Welcome to another book review! Perfect in time for the spooky season, I am coming at you with a horrifically horror-filled story! Let me present to you The Dawning, a book about the supernatural and the charming darkness it can bring along. I am by no means a horror stan, I do not read much of the genre on an average day, but this book blew me away!

From Theodosia, the seven-year-old main character in this story, to the emerging presence of her demonic friend who dwindles in the darkness of a door that she finds, this story will give you the creeps. Not only for the plot of what this story abides by but the realism it illustrates. Theodosia internally grows in her own ways as the darkness does alongside her as if it is folding itself in to let her spur its energy.

This transition comes into play from the beginning of the story and continues to the end, where the end feels like only the beginning. I was on the edge of my seat for the entirety of this book. The main character is a seven-year-old I could see as a controversial choice, but the absorption and observation skills that a child has in everyday life fit perfectly with the choices that Theodosia made throughout the story. Whilst most would be afraid of the dark, as I am in general, but especially when it slurs around as a supernatural force, Theodosia embraces and fills herself with it.

A child’s imagination is infinite, and this book reminds you of so. For better or for worse. Being the first book in this series, I would recommend picking up this one before the next one comes out! It will have you thinking and wanting more!

I hope you will check this book out! Find it on Amazon! And do not forget to support the author on Goodreads where you can also find my review!

Have a good week!

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