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Book Analysis – Alejandro’s Lie by Bob Van Laerhoven

Alejandro’s Lie was such a great book with such a deeper complex meaning than what lies on the surface of its words. Alejandro has been released from prison, while his friend was not and ended up being executed. That is enough trauma for one person on top of spending a decade behind bars. Alejandro is a changed man; he is more focused on his old habits of music than anything else. The guitar is his escape, lyrics are his passion, which is obvious throughout the novel as song lyrics appear between scenes.

Alejandro overall is a very down to earth character. He keeps to himself and has sentimental values to things and ideas. He is looking to do better now that he was thrown out of prison to keep the inmate population down. This is a rare opportunity, and he was ready to take in the moment and use it to the full potential it held.

With a love interest inserted towards the beginning of the book, you know as a reader there will be heated scenes and interesting relationships throughout the story. This is just one of the many reasons this book had me hooked.

Without spoiling who the love interest is and what the main plot points of this book are, as a reader I think it is most important to mention that there is a decision to be made by Alejandro that is consciously decided through the whole story. Love and escapism, and the decision in between. The complexity of Alejandro’s life grows as he becomes more accustomed to the strange world he was thrown back into.

The story is written in a third person perspective, which fit perfect. There are so many aspects of the Latin America setting in 1983 that is most fitted to be narrated in the third person view. The explanations of the time frame, setting and characters creates a clear visual. The setting is clear as the author describes dictatorship and government rulings to be unequal.

The mixed ideas of Alejandro constrained by his past with the difficult governing system helps enhance the theme of breakthroughs and staying true to who you are. Although it is a fictional book, the characters almost seemed to be giving me a helping hand, showing me that if I want something for my future that contradicts my past, to just go for it.

The spirit and resilience Alejandro gains from his past aids him mentally and physically throughout the book, and his growth is made perfectly clear without needing to explain his whole past in detail.

Overall, this was a very well written book. I would not have picked this specific genre up on my own, so I am so thankful that this author reached out to me. It was an honor to read this book and has opened my eyes to reading more on different societies, cultures, and time frames in various countries. I definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for confidence and a fearless protagonist.


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