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Book Review – A Home at Last by Sarah Linx

Book Review – A Home at Last by Sarah Linx

Today I am coming at you with a children’s picture book! My first review of a picture book and I am honored to do so! This one is dedicated as an honor to our nation’s troops, and it is a great quick read for any age. This is a lighthearted book about a dog named Mimi and how she made her way to find a home.

There are illustrations on every page, each a new unique one! Mimi is a cute husky, and the illustrations are so cute and fun that you cannot help but smile. The flowers and sun in the background and the different animals and settings throughout the book are so magical! Mimi is hand drawn on each page to fit the last and it is all done so neatly! The story is easy for any new reader or advanced reader to indulge in.

Although this is a children’s book, there is still a theme and message to be heard, and anyone of any age will appreciate the kind-heartedness of it! The distinguished roller coaster of events is intriguing to see as someone who only reads complex titles as I get older, but this author brings the story structure of any complex book and adapts it to a children’s book in such a great way!

If you have not gotten a hold of this picture book yet, I recommend so whether it is for a child or you! I hope you enjoyed this review and are heading to get yourself a copy as this ends!

See you next time!

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