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Book Review - Legends of Signaia by Johnathan Gaspar

Book Review - Legends of Signaia by Johnathan Gaspar

Hey everyone, today I am here to present to you another beloved book review! This is a book on princes, princesses, war, and prestige, but it does not stop there. Although short and concise, this story unpacks a lot and has a lot to offer. There are coronations, council meetings, and well thought out setting distribution between dialogue.

The tension of Aldatar is a great conflict and edge of the seat turning point in the story as well. Characters involving this great book, such as Eldraine and the father add more tension and familiarity to the story. The dialogue also brings forth that sense of familiarity through its language and distinguishment of tones.

Other creatures such as ravens and a pegasus were a cool intervention as well. Having those short depictions is a great grounding technique the author uses to help the reader understand the world they are tuning into.

Each chapter introduces new ideas and characters in an efficient way since the story is on the shorter side. This is important and well done because the world opens, but not too much to be overwhelming. Other characters introduced, which I really enjoyed, were the Duke and Duchess of Tyrail.

Princess Llorien was my favorite character of all. I know I keep speaking of characters in this story, but this is definitely driven by the characters! And in the best way possible!

If you have not picked up this fantastic book, do so now! Weave through the troubles and consequences of this hierarchy, make friends with the people within the lines, and stumble upon truths and a new world in this story!

Thanks for reading! See you soon!

Olivia B.



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