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Book Review - The Fleshmarket Vampire by M.T. O'Neill

Book Review – The Fleshmarket Vampire by M.T. O’Neill

Welcome to another review, this one is a most pleasant story I am excited to talk about. Author M.T. O’Neill has enhanced the concept of vampires and created more on the lives, or shall I say death, of them! This book, The Fleshmarket Vampire, is a captivating story with a new twist to immortality. The fate and stakes of the story never stop building, and I was kept on the edge of my seat the entire time!

The initial world-building that continued to expand throughout the whole novel was great! It set the mood as what I like to relate to as a neo-noir feel. The alley scenes and nighttime setting gave me the creeps at times, but in the best way possible! Edinburgh is such a good atmosphere for this horror yet in a way empathetic story.

Between Danny and Mercy, the two main characters, the entanglement of their relationship is one I could not get enough of. They are on opposite ends of the life and death spectrum if you know what I mean, which could complicate things, and does at times, but they persevere. Mercy as her name states has no mercy. She is a determined woman with strong characteristics. She proves the humanity in vampire stereotypes.

With the one rule of vampires in this book, Danny can be seen as the curse breaker. Mercy needs him, as a human, to kill the vampires that are causing such destruction to the city. Since vampires cannot kill their own kind, and since Danny has a fire ignited within him due to an incident with his sister, they make a perfect match!

The group of vampires that had entered the city and caused havoc in Edinburgh is an interesting group for sure! In a way, this book was so realistic but also had the charm of a fairy tale. A nightmare fairy tale mixed with the best investigation scenes! There are so many elements to this book, you need to get your hands on it now if you have not yet!

See you next time!

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