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Book Review - The Shadow After Sunset

The Shadow After Sunset - Aaron Baker

Today I am coming at you with a book review! The Shadow After Sunset by Aaron Baker, an author I have connected with on Twitter! Definitely check out his profile and support him on there as well as by getting a copy of this book!

This is a book that would fit into the psychological thriller and horror genre, really adding to the spooky season for me! I do not reach for this genre on a normal day, so I was glad to be doing this review and it was in fact, a great choice! This story is a roller coaster between the great climax and twist, the tandem of character development, and the complex narrative.

We encounter marriage highs and lows, demonic themes and encounters, and realistic attributes grounded with a paranormal feel… this book does a great job of making you question reality. In the best way possible.

I will admit that I do not like reading horror, especially by myself, but this was not a read to spook you and cause nightmares. No, this was an enticing read that I wish I had a physical copy of so I could mark up the pages and grip their ends as I buried my face in the words. Our two main characters, Travis and Alyssa, go through personal troubles and mishaps mixed in with these horrific additions that pile up throughout the novel.

All of this leads to (no spoilers here) a great climax as I said before.

The whole idea surrounded by the simple act of buying a mask at a garage sale and it turning into a story like so is the spookiest part of this book. It makes the reader question the little things in life and thinks about the minor encounters in everyday life and how they could in a way lead to something this big.

For a debut author, I am on the edge of my seat wanting more! Definitely pick up this read if you need something fresh and enticing this October season.

Stay tuned for more reviews too! But not before you head to see this review on my Amazon as well, and while you are there, pick up a copy of this fantastic book!

See you next time!

Olivia B.

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