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Book Review - Witch Way To Vegas (The Witches of Vegas Book 4) by Mark Rosendorf

Book Review - Witch Way To Vegas (The Witches of Vegas Book 4) by Mark Rosendorf

Oh wow, here we are.

Welcome back to Chronicles & Coffee, I’m Olivia Brooks, and today I have a book review for you all. Book four in The Witches of Vegas series.

Yes. That’s right. Book four.

And it barely feels like enough. I cannot get enough of this series.

If you have not been able to keep up with the past reviews, I will link book one, two, and three’s reviews down at the bottom of this one’s. Do not worry though, there are no spoilers here.

The Witches of Vegas is a series of magical realism with fantastical elements in Las Vegas. We intertwine magicians, shows and plays, vampires, sorcery and magic… witches. The list goes on. And let me tell you, these are genius!

My favorite genre is magical realism and low fantasy where the magic is laced to our known reality. As the author of this series is very familiar with Las Vegas and broadway, as I have been lucky enough to chat with him multiple times, the illumination of detail and visuals proves this! His experiences truly enhance the writing.

The story follows up with the end of book three of course, which, spoiler but not a spoiler, a war has just ended. Our main character who has become a very familiar friend, Isis, is young and jubilant but also mysterious and intriguing as she is a witch.

Who would not be intrigued by a young woman full of magic?

But this book brings forth a new setting, keeping the series low fantasy but at the same time, a bit of high fantasy is braided in between. New Salem is home to witches. You can only imagine the sparks that fly in there.

Although introducing the complexities of New Salem could seem overwhelming to the reader of this review or the book, it is not at all as the author brings the story back to its roots. The Las Vegas home everyone knows to love and be comforted by.

Yes, Isis and Zack head back to their live stage, the place where it all began. But going back to your roots can be different than remembered if gone for only so long. And the two of them are quick to realize that.

There is a new show in town, and although Isis has bigger issues she has dealt with and continues to, this is a fun twist and rivalry to be introduced. We follow a new antagonist, the group of the Wiccan Circus. Even more interesting, one of the main characters Zack is made even more important than before in this novel. Want to know why?

Read this series!

There is so much to unpack in this series, each individual book gathering a huge portion of information and storytelling parts.

From the constant visuals in the setting to the character development, the writing is so smooth that these books really are just straight from a film. We would be lucky to one day see these in film, even though it would never compare in quality to Mark Rosendorf’s writing!

I hope you are inspired to read this book and this series!

See you soon!

Olivia Brooks.


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