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Book Review - As Pure As Snow

As Pure As Snow - Cory Maddalena

Here is another book review for you today! I am so excited to talk about this read on the surface of what the story is and analytically what was just done well! As Pure As Snow is a novel about dark secrets and discovery. We are open to finding out about a tragic incident in a burnt-down steel factory with too many fatalities to sit properly in your seat.

This book has a dynamic of many characters and interweaves them well, but the main one of interest is 104-year-old Rose Wilson.

Rose Wilson is on the hunt to find secrets from past generations and rekindle ideas lost in the tragic internal debris.

As far as setting and descriptors from the beginning, I as a reader felt as if I had spawned into the world and caught glimpse of the world the author was creating instantaneously. It was so refreshing to feel as if I were a part of the world. With the complexity of the background, flashbacks, and present plot, the author did a great job of not making the reader think too hard about where they were or who they were with.

If you go into depth about Cory Maddalena, the extraordinary creator of this book, you would know that he has a background in video and film. This book falls nothing short of using that experience to advantage. To have that factor play into a cohesive and fluid writing style, you make sparks fly!

This story has a lot of interpretation factors to it as well. The open-ended aspect of a lot of the scenes is great because as the main character is uncovering ideas and secrets, the reader feels as if they are right alongside them.

The internal and external haunts throughout the book of people and setting are intriguing. There was one particular scene that sent literal chills down my spine, but no spoilers here!

I definitely believe this is a book for anyone interested in wanting to actually be on the floor flipping through pages as if there is no tomorrow.

Time, tragedy, fatality in secrecy… the amount of elements I could pull from this book is whimsical and could come off as overwhelming, but they all play such a crucial part and work together so well!

Pick this up if you have not already!

See you soon!

Olivia B.



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