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Book Analysis – Secret Santa Society by S. R. Kramer

Book Analysis – Secret Santa Society by S. R. Kramer

Merry Christmas is all I want to shout after reading this book! Without a doubt, you will be put in the holiday spirit if you grab a copy and sit to read Secret Santa Society! This author does a fantastic job intertwining real life with magical moments, all while keeping an important theme for children to learn as an outcome from this book. And that theme is to do good no matter if someone is watching or not!

The gnomes, elves, Santa… all of the characters play such a fantastic role in creating a festive warmth to the holiday season. Both Aubrey and Ethan, the two main kids in the story, are so adventurous and portray personalities that make you want to be their friend! They are perfect characters for any young reader to go along on this story’s journey with!

The adventure throughout this book mixed with sentimental moments of family and friends is so well balanced that anyone of any age can enjoy this book, not just young readers. Being from Florida, I loved the realistic setting of it being hot at the end of November, and the descriptions of Gainesville were on point!

This author did a great job illustrating Christmas magic and miracles all while keeping a realistic aspect to the story to make younger kids even more excited about the holidays! If I were to read this as a young kid, I would be setting off on adventures and finding ways to create Christmas miracles with elves myself!

Definitely check this book out if you have younger readers at home, or if you are in the mood for a fun and festive quick read to set off your holiday season right!


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