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Book Review – Building Blocks for Your Career by Vincent Fusaro

Book Review – Building Blocks for Your Career by Vincent Fusaro

Today I am coming at you with a new review! This is a book all about experiences in life and how they can shape you to be a better person and lead a better career. From teenage years the experiences you have in any workplace are beneficial to your future, and this book focuses on just that.

There are many dimensions to this book, as there should be to anything speaking on the topic of building blocks to something. Especially for your career, things do not happen overnight. This author proves that perseverance and having an open mindset outweigh the negatives of any obstacle you may face on your journey to adulthood and the career of your dreams. I’ll go more in-depth about a few of my favorite parts of this book, but my absolute favorite was part five, which was the summarized building block steps! Read this book to get the details, but here is a quick run-down of this section.

1. Try to make a good first impression

2. Avoid getting or saying people’s names incorrectly

3. Networking is important

4. Be prepared and benchmark those who do it well

5. Organizational skills will play an important role in your successful work life

Do not get this twisted, you are just skimming the surface with this list! This book intertwines stories of experience with the tips, tricks, and advice he has learned, an example posted above!

One of the other parts of this book goes in-depth on his experience working at a supermarket and the listed advice learned throughout! It was a very beneficial section alongside all the others! This book is a quick read too so everyone could take some time to learn and expand their knowledge on building their career through the eyes of someone else! Each section is a different job building up to the final overview of steps as I have presented above, but get this… I only gave you the first half of the list!

If you want to read the other half of the list, make sure to go ahead and get this book for yourself! I hope you enjoyed this review and are inspired to learn more about the building blocks of your career!

That’s all she wrote… for now. ;)

See you soon!

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