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Book Review - Cathedral Tower

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Cathedral Tower - Ross Simister

Welcome back to another book review! Today is a supernatural meets politically charged in the best way novel! Too much in one sentence? I think not. Let’s unpack it.

Vampires? Yes, please. We start off in Cathedral Tower at the end of the war and pick up to the opposite. There is comfort and resilience and abnormal peace among the immortals in this city. It is eerie but also calming. It makes you want to read more in a way that says, alright, I know something’s up. Spill it.

And oh did this book spill it!

From the character development to the cohesive plot structure, I flew through this story. Two nights to read give or take. Could have been less if I was not a college student with a wishful one-track mind that is actually three.

But enough about me, Gang City is much more interesting.

Gang City is on edge. The edge of war, destruction, chaos… the edge of everything but peace. Here we have the interweaving of vampires and witchcraft. Yes, you heard me.

I love this combination and the author does a great job of making sure I would only love it even more after flipping the last page. Alice Heart is the heart of this city. She has experienced a lot as a soldier and is on the edge herself. There is a trifecta of headbutting going on in this story between her and the diplomats, Witches, and Vampires.

The setting established for this city felt like I was watching a television series. As I flipped the pages, a new scene or episode would surprise me around the corner.

This was a really good read for this time of year, and if you are in the mood for fantastical elements mixed with rage and war, pick this one up!

Thanks for reading, I’ll see you next time!

Olivia B.


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