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Book Review – Child of Destiny; Book 1 in The Rising Saga by M.K. Adams

Book Review – Child of Destiny; Book 1 in the Rising Saga by M.K. Adams

Today I am bringing to the table a new twist on self-discovery… in my favorite way, fantasy. Child of Destiny is a fantasy book about the journey of Lyvanne, a girl thrown into the royal and political world to which she is not used, and how her being could be a global game changer. She has a vision of king Heobald of the Rive’s downfall, and now he does what he thinks is best (which is not at all) and uses the girl as a pawn.

Join Lyvanne on this journey through magnificent worlds and meet other characters. The Spring, for example, is a group that works to protect and help her through obstacles from both the world and the king. Getting to know these people and easily defining the good from bad made this reading very smooth and easy to glide from page to page. That is what I enjoyed most from this author… although it is a high fantasy novel, the way it is presented gives the reader no setbacks.

This is the first book in a sequel and from the ending, any reader can see how well the next installment will be set up. Once Act 2 of the novel hit, it was the fastest pace of a read I have embarked on in a while, which was amazing! The cover itself is beautiful, enough to have pulled me in if I saw this book on a shelf with no context.

Within The Rive there are many areas and environments to learn. If you visit M.K. Adams website, which I will link below, there is a map and descriptions of the main areas which the author believes the reader should explore. Having these secondary sources to the story itself makes it more magical to read and learn about; the reader really gets a glimpse into this life as if it were real.

If you have not checked out this book yet, please do so! I have made it extra easy for all of you readers by providing some links down below! I hope everyone had a great week, and I will be back in a few days with more reviews and new content… so stay tuned!

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