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Book Review - Shades of Chicago Anthology by Write Volumes

Book Review – Shades of Chicago Anthology by Write Volumes

I am always open to reading books of different types and genres. This one I was intrigued because it is not often that I read an anthology. This one, specifically to Chicago, a city I personally love, was great! The mix of short stories helped me to stop and analyze each one and have a different perception from the different authors.

Since I have visited the city, I dove into this book eager to see what was written about it and if I could relate to or visualize and reminisce on it. I absolutely did. Chicago is a wonder of its own and these short stories made me eager for more of the stories themselves and the city. The first person was done very fondly, and the writing styles were all unique but contagious.

Write Volumes is a group of writers who work together to provide readers with this array of perspectives and styles. The goal was accomplished for me as a reader, for I was inspired by both their writing styles and what they wrote about. Learning and digging deeper into Chicago in this specific anthology, for there are others by Write Volumes as well, I learned more about the city than I probably would have by visiting the actual city ten times.

The identity versus landscape factor rose me out of my seat the most. Some of the short stories dive into the identity of Chicago and the myths and legends the city is known for, while other short stories dig into the atmosphere and visualization of walking down the streets. These shorts leave the reader to decide and lead with interpretation on how they want to think of Chicago, but overall, it is a breathtaking book on the light the city provides in our country.

Some of the stories are told based on personal experiences and some are just based on observation while being in the city. It makes the reader feel as if they are in the authors’ shoes throughout and made me want more! I recommend this anthology for anyone trying to break through the fiction genre and who is eager to just learn more about people, lifestyles, and environments around them!



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