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Book Review - The Umbrella by David Diehl

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Book Review - The Umbrella by David Diehl

We have another book to talk about! Here is a story, an interactive and engaging one with snippets of experiences and knowledge woven in between. The umbrella is a symbol in this book to blocking and finding productive and optimistic ways to get through obstacles and challenges life throws at us.

Protecting ourselves is the greatest achievement our internal mindset can reach. We are our own best friends and we must endure life with ourselves no matter what outer vicinity of help tags along. We begin and end with ourselves, so this book was enlightening in displaying and conveying this message and its importance.

The message of certainty when going through struggle is the most emphasized in the book by Dr. David Diehl. Certainty leads to confidence and confidence leads to a better mindset when faced with obstacles that life inevitably tosses at us every day.

The book has many diagrams and graphics, as well as illustrations and examples within its pages. This made the read all that more fun, eye-opening, and engaging. It is easy to get caught up in self-growth and help books as such when it is just words and words, page after page, but this book is not like so! And for that I appreciate and you will too!

There is a table that explains the difference between the physical and thinking umbrella, as well as a visual of an actual umbrella with its division of sectors written on it. Understanding the mechanics of a real umbrella and how this influences the hierarchy of the thinking umbrella was really interesting. The thinking umbrella diagram included sections such as sustains, protects, and directs, as well as facts, attitudes, feelings, values, and principles. These all make up the umbrella's top, and the handle is wisdom. Intent is underneath, a big part protected.

All of these words and their understanding work hand in hand as explained as the book goes on. We also get examples and interactive activity within the chapters and engaging thought processes to project onto ourselves. There is also a nine step process starting at the bottom of a ladder which is labeled the life situation, and we make our way up to the higher intention.

These visuals were such a compounding and new idealistic way to look at intention and certainty in dealing with life. This book helps people to be heard, because everyone is living with their own life and has to deal with life’s challenges uniquely every day. This book brings light and awareness to that which was so warm hearted and interesting to read.

The end of this book has so many questionnaires and interactive tables for the reader to apply what they read and understand it better, all while understanding themselves better subconsciously.

I definitely recommend this book to everyone because we are all living life for the first time, on our own wavelength as reality tries to force us into one. Which is not possible and should not happen. Our own obstacles, challenges, and uncertainties are unique and troublesome in their own ways, but together we can all do our part to learn how to better ourselves.

Hope you enjoyed this review, please check this book out!

See you soon.

Olivia B.

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