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Book Review - Witch’s Gamble (The Witches of Vegas Book 3) by Mark Rosendorf

Book Review - Witch’s Gamble (The Witches of Vegas Book 3) by Mark Rosendorf

And here I am again with another promised review! Reading this series has really been a pleasure, it has been hard to pick up any other read in the midst from how I zoom through these! This award winning series will win you over as well! Below this post are links to the first two books reviews as well, so check those out!

Valeria was stopped by Isis, Zack, and their companions a while ago. Together they devoted themselves and gained back New Salem, thinking their trials and challenges were finally over. We readers were happy for them.

But never think too quick. The end is usually just the beginning of something grander. In book three we get a bigger taste of not only the tandem of vampire and witch, but what happens when one is both? And how does a magician adapt to becoming a vampire? As introduced to internal conflict and struggle in our main character Isis in book two, now there are multiple characters struggling internally in their own ways. Such great messages of mental health.

New Salem is dealing with external tensions… there is an evil queen. We know her, and some of us (including me at times) love her, Valeria. Queen of Earth, she has not slowed down behind the closed doors of time. No, her door had always just stayed cracked.

In this implementation of The Witches of Vegas, time is the enemy but also the hero. Time traveling is interlaced in the pages like never seen before and thrilling action as Isis uses her new strength and power to make due of setting the world and reality straight. It is all so enlightening to remember this is a teenager dealing with otherworldly consequences and obstacles alongside her hormonal and maturing nature of being a teenager!

Valeria wants conquest, Isis and Zack want rightful domination. Unlike the past books of starting in the middle of a show, now the reader is dropped into New Salem and the post modernistic twist of fantasy. How rulers see and deal with reality. It is super interesting to watch these characters develop as the plot does and see where their priorities lie in sense of staying the same or changing as the novels progress.

The humanistic nature of these immortal beings is the best form of escapism I can talk about. How Isis chooses to walk through town instead of instantly teleporting to her location is such a minor and intricate yet useful detail to portray her character. Sharp sectors like so is what has made this author’s writing style stand out to me.

I hope you will read this series, or move past book one if you have read so! I know series can sometimes seem overwhelming, but this one is a breeze and so interesting and fun to devour!

Here is the author’s website!

See you soon,

Olivia B.


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