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Book Review - bacon grief by Joel Shoemaker

Book Review - bacon grief by Joel Shoemaker

Here we have a beautiful book to review! Do not be deceived by this title, which is enticing in itself. This is a great novel about sacrifice and deeper human connection. The fine line between what you know and what’s to come.

On a tandem journey between two people colliding to one we meet Charlie and Tim, opposites who attract and realize… maybe they are not so different. Between the alignment and differences of faith and the exquisitely done sense of humor to keep this story formal and informal in the best way, this was a treat and so heart warming!

This author doubles and triples as a librarian and magician, and let’s just say these two occupations have made for his ability to create magical words. This book is a breath of fresh air and had me smiling as I flipped from page to page.

The combination of religion and the word alongside believing in yourself and figuring out who you truly are is a blessing, and this book does justice to that. I have never read a piece about this intertwining idea and it was so good!

The setting in itself was a familiar sense of reality while also depicting the two different ones very fluently. In doing so, we as readers are able to visualize the two people in their separate natures. Further, their personalities can be identified so well through their upbringing and atmospheres.

The plot as well was intricate yet to the point. I always try to identify plot, setting, and characters; three main elements to story. And then on top of that, define the tension and conflict and resolutions in between each plot point. While all of these were very easily identifiable, that does not go to say this is a simple read. This is a gut wrenching and heart felt read that just follows the story grid in such a great way, straying off from basic guidelines but keeping the structure in a way that had me glued to the page.

I hope you will give this story a read! Definitely worth your time and the author is too kind! From Illinois to living with a life with his husband and dog, author Joel Shoemaker is making a name for himself in the industry and I would be so happy if you would look at his work!

Here is the website!

Here is an Amazon link as well!

See you soon!

Olivia Brooks.


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