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Book Review - Laurendria by R.E. Lauder

Book Review - Laurendria by R.E. Lauder

A story of magic. A story of good, evil, and all in between. A girl who is thrust into this mystical world and endures all of the above just alongside the reader. Traesa is a courageous and brave character who leads with heart throughout it all. Mental health becoming aware in this story, the hallucination in the human amongst the magic is a beautiful combination.

The book has a really great character description in its opening pages, something not commonly seen in books. However, in a fantasy read, I found this super helpful to understanding what kinds of immortals I was going to be engaging with and a quick synopsis of each. Some of the types of characters a reader can quickly come to know they will encounter runs from the range of humans to leprechauns, gryphon, faeries, faun, and gancanagh.

The weakness in Traesa is further developed and understood to become her friend in a peculiar and strengthening way. A great theme to the story that if one is optimistic then they can use their own individual strength to empower themselves.

The precise detail of world building and sensory description is amazing! From the vividness of timple tear drops to understanding of lightning, even to the emotion she felt towards nature and almost feeling the way blackbirds dove in front of her and left wind, this story is as if spawning into the narration itself and living in the moment. Laurendria did nothing short of taking me from reality as I quickly zoomed through its pages.

Lliam was a personal favorite character of mine. This was a person who had intellectual yet whimsical ideologies of everything, simple the moon. He seemed cozy yet firm in his word. A welcoming embodiment that radiated through the page. Without spoiling anything, another concept I found very interesting was about the chasm between the ethereal and physical realms. These sort of magical concepts are always so fun to read about.

Especially when thought out and well executed as in this novel!

Join Traesa in her journey the way I so lovingly did. Ireland is a beautiful and scenic place for this book and the line between magic and reality is blurred in the best way possible, making this read enjoyable and unique.

I hope you will take the time to check this book out, especially if you have gotten this far into the review! Here is the website as well!

See you soon!

Olivia B.

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